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My Love for Corvette

Chris Ambrose

My love for Corvettes started in 1960 with the TV show, Route 66. From there, I eagerly waited every year for the New AMT Corvette model to come out!

In 1965, my dad bought a 1958 Corvette. It had been hit in the driver’s side door and my dad and I fixed it together. He bought the car for $350.00 and it took $100.00 in parts! Unfortunately, the car was parked in front of our house one night and was hit by a drunk driver.

His next Corvette was a 1960 Maroon and White automatic with power windows and a power top. He paid $600.00 for it.

Not long after, I bought a 1962 from my dad that had been hit in the front. I repaired it with the front end of the 1958 we got back from the insurance company. That was my start!

After the 1962, I've had a 1963 Coupe, 1964 Roadster, 1969 Coupe, 1985 Coupe and my current 2000 Yellow Roadster.

After my dad’s 1960, he bought a 1967 427 Roadster and then a 1969 Roadster that I own now after his passing in 2001.

My wife and I are planning on touring the United States with the 2000 in a couple years when I retire. I am always asked which Corvette is my favorite and, honestly, I'd have to say.... all of them!

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