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My First Ride

CPO Rob Schrader

I picked her up. My first C5. After doing my due diligence and with the help of many people and forums, I purchased this from Import 1 Motor Sports in Pipersville, PA. The seller had her on display out front all shined up with two key fobs, original owners manual, cargo net and ready to go as we walked in. The wife, although she thinks I am crazy for buying the C5, took it in stride.

With all the paperwork complete, the bill paid in full, we took the top off, I got in and drove the 70 miles to Barnegat Light, NJ down the back roads of PA. Driving with the top off, sun shinning and Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever playing loud I think I had a smile from ear to ear.

Since I was a teenager (and that was many moons ago) I have wanted this. Not just because it is a Corvette, but because of the feeling of adventure. On the way home I stopped at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery to see my Dad. With tears in my eyes, I said "Dad, I made it."

Did I really make it? Yup! I worked all my life to be able to do this and now I have my Dream Car, a Corvette. So now "Silver" (After the Lone Ranger's horse) sits in the driveway awaiting a day trip with the wife. Oh yeah, and once the wife got in and we drove around, that smile on her face said it was a good decision.

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