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Hail Yes! It's a Michigan Wolverine Corvette!

Curt Maki

My 2001 Corvette was purchased in 2004. I realized my silver corvette was one of many and I wanted to do something to make it unique.  So, I had it custom painted in 2009 to look like the University of Michigan football helmet.

I selected colors representative of the University of Michigan (Maize and Blue) by using colors from the 2001 model year (Millennium Yellow and Navy Blue Metallic). I kept the same original Quick Silver Metallic color for pin striping. To finish the look, I ordered a custom license plate that says "Hail" like the University of Michigan fight song.

I can't tell you how many photos have been taken of my vehicle. It gets quite a bit of attention. People think I'm crazy for owning a sports car supporting the University of Michigan when I live in Illinois. Obviously, it is never left unattended. As far as I know, I'm the first to ever custom paint a vette in a college theme.


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