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Childhood Dreams

Dean Carr

A couple weeks ago I turned nineteen, which means I have had my 1995 Torch Red Corvette for about ten months now. It is the first car I bought myself and has brought me endless joy and tons of fun.

When I was about 12 years old, in the 6th grade, I was at the edge of my driveway getting the mail. A Red C5 Z06 came rolling down my street. The driver was just cruising. The car must have been cammed with some exhaust work done because I remember the sound was loping and seemed to hit me in the chest. He drove by fairly slowly. After the car passed, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground.

When I went back inside, I looked my mom in the eye and said "My first car will be a Corvette." She kind of laughed it off, but I kept reminding my parents over the years. I finally saved up enough to make my dream a reality.

I definitely regard the day I bought that car as the best day of my life. I never get tired of seeing and driving it.

There is something special about having a Corvette that only owners know. They're a symbol of that good ol' American love of freedom. They represent something greater than just a car to get you from A to B. It's for the love of driving, which I feel is a passion only car guys and gals understand. I will always have a Corvette in my garage.


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