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Thanks Mom...

Del Nichols

In the late sixties I saw my first Corvette; it was a Red 1968/1969 C3. I announced right then and there to my family that one day I would have one!

In 1978, after high school, I attended night school while working full time. I would pass the local Chevy dealer in our East Texas town, where they had two 25th Anniversary Corvettes - an Indy Pace Car and a Silver Anniversary. I frequently stopped by to look at the Corvettes after work or night school, but at nearly $10k+ they seemed a universe away.

Throughout that time, my mother would give me a Hot Wheel-like car almost every birthday and would say, “Junior, I can’t get you the real thing, but here is that Corvette”. It wasn’t always actually a Corvette that she gave me, but it’s the thought right?

A few years after Mom’s passing, I was about to order a new European sports car. My entire family challenged me to at least go drive a C7 Corvette first. My son said, “Dad you always said that you were going to get one of those, you have to do it!” Just before ordering the European car, I scheduled the demo. A few nights later, I wrote a check and walked out with this 2014 Z51, 7 speed.

It was very emotional. I know Mom would be proud that I decided to make part of the purchase with money left from her estate, she finally helped buy me that Corvette. And the key chain I use in in the car today is the last little ‘corvette’ she gave me. (It’s actually a Jag XJ220 on the chain, but it’s the thought right ;-)

Thanks Mom…

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