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It Ain't a Harley

Don McClellan

Actually, my Corvette story began in the spring of 2014 when I purchased my first and only triple black 2004 Corvette convertible. But first the back story…

For over four years prior to buying the Corvette, I owned a really nice, solid #2 1966 Thunderbird Town Hardtop, equipped with pretty near every factory option available, including the Q-code 428 cubic inch engine. After running off several tire kickers, I finally sold the old gal to a most generous buyer, who actually offered – and eventually paid me – more for the car then I was originally asking.

The funds generated from the sale of the T-Bird where earmarked for the purchase of a new Harley Davidson Road King. When I told my wife of 37 years that I now had the funds to buy the 2-wheeler, she made it very clear that my plans were in direct conflict with hers, adding that it was time for to forget motorcycles and grow up. After several conversations spaced out over a month or so, I realized there was never going to come a time when she was going to reverse her feelings on this issue.

It was about this time when some friends of ours were at house for a visit and the husband told me he had seen this incredible Corvette at the local Chevrolet dealership. I replied, “Yeah, those new Corvettes are amazing!” To which he replied, “No, it's a pre-owned car.” Hearing this, my wife replies, "Now there's something you should be looking at, not those stupid Harleys." Hearing this I asked my friend for more details. All he knew was that it was black and shiny. Bringing this story to a conclusion, I went to the dealership and test drove this beautiful 2004 all black Corvette convertible, which had just over 11K miles on it and had a very comprehensive service and storage history. If the original owner missed any available options I don't know what they would be, as this car has exactly what I would have ordered, had I been the one buying it new. I really love this car. I cannot for the life me understand why I haven't owned a Corvette before now!

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