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Is There Anyone Who’s Ever Owned a Corvette and Didn’t Want Another?

Eddie Howard

I have had a love for Corvettes since before my teen years. I am now 61. As a teenager my brother Andy owned a Nassau Blue 1966 Corvette, 427 that was rated at 425 hp. It was really more like 450 hp because GM had under rated it for insurance purposes. After riding in his car for the first time I was hooked more than ever. 

He actually let me drive it once. I have always wanted a C2 big block, but they have been out of reach for me financially, so I settled for a few less expensive Corvettes throughout my life. I was finally able to buy my first when I was 25 years old. It was a 1969 convertible. My girlfriend Vicki, now my wife, went with me when I bought it. We were married about a year later and I sold it to finance our first home. 

Since that time we have owned a 1977, 1990, another 1969, 2002 and now a 2007. Appropriately, this C6 is our 6th Corvette and could possibly be our last. That’s fine with me as we have had the opportunity to own some amazing Corvettes in our lifetime. After buying our second 1969, I started attending car shows on a regular basis. The car won many awards over a period of 2 to 3 years, including 3 first place awards. I also challenged myself to see how many magazine features, etc. I could get it in. One such feature was the cover of Mid America Motorworks! 

As I conclude, I’m sure there is a kid out there somewhere admiring a Corvette when they see one with a dream of owning their own some day as I did. Good luck to all and keep the passion alive!

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