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From 1970 to 1995 Corvette

Gregorio Lonewolf

I am currently on my 4th Corvette, which is a 1995 Competition Yellow LT1 Corvette purchased in October of 2018. Basic options included are with the Delco/Bose Gold Series AM/FM Cassette/CD 6 speaker unit. I mention this as I have hundreds of Cassettes & CD's to listen to. And I love my music that I have to cruise down the highway in. It is currently in stock trim with the exception of having the transmission rebuilt after I lost 3rd gear on the freeway with a B&M Shift Kit. Prior to this I purchased in 2005 a 1987 Corvette in Dark Red Metallic which was purchased with every option available that year. I had this Corvette until July 2018. In 2007 the block got a crack between pistons 6 & 8 and in looking for a replacement engine I ran across an engine builder to assist in building a new motor.

As it turned out he was also an avid Corvette guy as well with a 1972 model in his driveway. Using only the intake manifold and injection system we built a 30 over 350 complete with Flat Top Racing Pistons, 1.6 roller rockers, Comp Cam, Hooker Competition Header's. The top end was completely machined, port matched & enlarged all then installed 24 lb injectors. Had a tuner tune the ECM to match and perform. I then detailed the engine myself and started driving away. I installed a Hi-Rise Hood and rear spoiler & side skirts as well as added 1988 Corvette wheels painted Black. My 1st Corvette was a 1970 in Greenwood Green with the LT1 350. I bought it in 1972 at age of 16 after selling my 1965 Malibu 283 ci. which was bore to 301.

In 1974, I purchased my 2nd Corvette, a 1973 LT82 350. Which just wasn't powerful enough so after a Cam swap, headers built by a place I used to get all my engine & exhaust work done called Bonnie & Clyde's Speed Center. No that's not a typo as they really did build race cars, drags mostly & custom exhaust systems. They installed the side pipes for me. Of course I added a Holley Carb. and some other go fast goodies as well such as a Holly intake manifold. I had the Corvette repainted in a Burgundy metallic.

I have had many other cars over the years most notably a 1965 GTO 389 Tri-Power, 1970 Challenger R/T 426 HEMI and many Camaro's & Trans Am's. My favorite of course are Corvettes. I find I don't feel as comfortable in other cars as I do sitting in my C4 whether it was the 1987 or now my 1995. My next Corvette I hope to be a 2004 C5 either Coupe or Z06.

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