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Bad Barbie

Hyland Nicole Meadors

My wife bought my 1994 Corvette for my birthday. It’s a 1994 Black and Pink Corvette named Bad Barbie. I sold my Harley Davidson so we could buy a Suburban, because we are foster moms and we needed something to transport the kids in. She made me a promise that someday she would buy me a Corvette. The following year, she made good on that promise. It needs a little work, but it’s in pretty good shape overall and we are up to the challenge. So far, we have replaced the injectors, heads, optispark, water pump, Aluminum three core radiator, plugs and wires, wheels and tires, rotors and brakes, sway bar bushings, seats, and Pink stripes. It is a project that we really enjoy working on and it is a great car!

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