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On the Road & On the Track

Jeff Sinn

There is nothing like having your first Corvette, a magnetic red metallic 2004 C5 convertible, driving with the top down, on a long stretch of highway or out on the track. This is where the fun begins!

My first drag race was at the Sacramento Speedway, an event called Vette Magic, then on to Famoso Raceway where my wife, son and I made some memories! On that trip, my wife had the best reaction time between the three of us. On our first time out for drag racing, she knew how to time the lights! We’ve been to about 75 drag race events over the last 10 years, and we are always ready for more!

After the first year of owning my Corvette, my wife gave me one of the greatest gifts: a 2 day on track event at Reno-Fernley Raceway! I was hooked – I did that track three times. Then I was on to Infineon Raceway a couple times. There is nothing like being on the race track with 30 other Corvettes! For some reason, I was given the nickname Sqrly and it stuck.

My last track event was a Qualifying School at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in preparation for the Nevada Open Road Challenge, May 2015. The Nevada Open Road Challenge is put on by the folks with Silver State Classic Challenge. Now this is one great event including the Z to Z challenge, that’s 0 mph to 100 mph to 0 mph. If you have never had to slam on the breaks at 100 mph it is quite an experience, and the corvette handles great. The last time we did the Nevada Open Road Challenge (this will be the 3rd) we were in the 140 mph Grand Sport Division, our tech speed was 165mph: the fastest speed we are allowed to go. My son Jeff, Jr. is my navigator and we came in second place, missing first place by only 0.0015th of a second. There is nothing like driving at 165 mph! Now don’t jump to conclusions the Challenge is overseen by the highway patrol and Nevada Department of Transportation.

My friend John, my son Jeff and I put in many hours modifying my Corvette for safety with a 6 point roll bar, five point racing harness, arm restraints, helmets, and we each wear a three layer fire suit. We have participated in many high speed driving schools. I did not buy my corvette for show and shine – I bought it as a daily drive and a race car! After 150,000 miles on the car with yearly maintenance, mandatory technical Inspections at each race event, my 2004 C5 Corvette is one of the greatest cars! I love the style, handling, speed, and driving with the top down. When I see you on the road don’t forget to wave.

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