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It’s About Time!

Jim Roban

My first sighting of a Corvette was in 1961. My pal and I were playing ball when his cousin drove up in a new Corvette. I was hooked! I even had a band back in the 60s, 70s and 80s called the Corvettes!

Fast forward to the present. Last year I noticed a 2003 50th Anniversary Coupe for sale in Florida. A retired pilot had bought a Grand Sport and we made a deal on the 2003. We are still in touch, by the way!

I have put some optional “stuff” in the car: K&N Air Filter, Travel Pouches, Carpet in the Rear Hatch, Vent Clips to vent the cabin. Otherwise, the Corvette is bone stock and we love it! We took a trip to see my brother in Laramie, Wyoming last summer. We went about 1,000 miles in 12 hours and got an average of 28 MPG – not too bad I figure. What a trip! Those cowboys sure drive fast! I was clocking everyone at 80+. Wow!

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