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Daily Driver C5

Jo Rae and George Perkins

When we adopted "Ms Dazy" on July 11, 2013, we had no idea what was in store for us. For several years, we were each doing our own thing. George bowled and played softball; Jo Rae went to church and was involved involved in politics and attending university full time. Our children are out on their own and busy with their families. Soon after adopting Ms Dazy, we joined the Beaver State Corvette Club in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley. Naturally we were welcomed with open arms and instantly became part of the family. We started going on great corvette cruises, car shows with the club, have made great friends. We love waving to other Corvette owners we see along the highways and by-ways!

Ms. Dazy had around 31,200 miles when we adopted her. Adopted? Yes- she became part of our family and buying just didn't sound right. Why Ms. Dazy? She reminded me of a yellow daisy :)... and of course a little play on words.... Ms Dazy is (was) our daily driver. With two vehicles, one for George's work and well, daily driver she became. After I (Jo Rae) graduated from Oregon State University (age 57), I started campaigning to be the nominee for U.S. Senate on the GOP ticket. I drove her to 34 of Oregon's 36 counties. Rain, sleet, snow - yes snow. After one campaign event, I needed to get back home so I would be able to make a 10 a.m. meeting about 200 miles away. Little did I realize it had been snowing in the pass.... there I was driving Ms. Dazy, on the original Eagle GT tires.... and almost bald - of course no chains, 4" of snow on the highway.... a little prayer for some angels on the back end I made it home, safe and sound - happened twice that year! She is also great on the ice - although I don't recommend it. I was at work, and we had an ice storm come through.... took my time...

This year (2019), I attended an event in Portland, Oregon - yes it had snowed again... I took Dazy. I knew she would handle great. Several vehicles had spun out, make that several SUVs.... and our trustworthy Ms. Dazy did just fine! Speaking of SUVs - George refers to Ms.Dazy as our SUVette! --- Well, 3 campaigns, 1 US Senate and 2 congressional, I am now starting my 4th campaign in Oregon - for Congress, with a district of more than 17,000 sq. miles. Ms. Dazy has more than 159,000 miles now... she has her scratches, some scrapes, a couple minor bruises.... three sets of tires, two water pumps and a few other minor maintenance items..... she just keeps on rolling along. In June, George adopted a yellow and black Camaro - bumblebee - now Dazy has a younger brother. I prefer driving Ms. Dazy - on warm sunny days, I take the top off our 2004 coupe and run my errands. That is when I am in my happy place. Being part of the Corvette family has been a great decision for us! I think everyone should own a Corvette,

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