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She Is Back Home

Joe Long

In 2011 we had to make a tough decision, we were moving from Indiana to Florida permanently. We had two Corvettes and no where to store them out of the Florida sunshine. We, with heavy hearts, sold our 1995 C4 and our 2008 C6 Corvettes. Both cars allowed us to be members of the Fort Wayne Corvette Club, had won many trophies in car shows and brought us many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. We have regretted selling both corvettes ever since.

When we purchased our new home in Florida, the property had a garage large enough that we could have housed one of the two Corvettes. Each year would go by, we would pass a Corvette on the open road and say to each other sure wish we had our Corvettes back. In 2018, we contemplated looking for another Corvette. In 2019, we continued looking for a Corvette to buy, but just could not find one that we really wanted. On April 3rd, 2019 our brother-in-law called us and said I am almost 99% sure your C6 Corvette is on the used car lot at Summit City Chevrolet in Fort Wayne, IN. We went on line to their website and looked at the photos and were able to positively identify it by the custom chrome bumper accent piece which we had installed as my wife's birthday present, as well as other custom additions we had done to the car.

We called Summit City Chevrolet and asked if the car was still there, they said "Yes", we made a deal over the phone, after which we told them we were the original first owners of the Corvette. We purchased airline tickets, flew to Fort Wayne, IN and got off the plane went to get a bite to eat at our favorite Famous Fort Wayne Indiana Coney Island Hot Dog restaurant, drove to the dealership afterwards and by that afternoon, we as the original first owners of the 2008 C6 Corvette had our car back. She had been well taken care of by the second owner with only 10,000 miles driven from 2011 to 2019 for which we were very grateful. Driving her back to Florida and parking her in our garage was and will be the highlight of 2019 for us.

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