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My Corvette Passion Started At An Early Age

Joe Mascolo

I have loved Corvettes ever since I was three! It all started with a 1961 Corvette that my Uncle Norm bought used in the later part of 1962. He used to take me for rides in the Corvette, which had 270 horsepower. I will never forget those rides and I have loved Corvettes ever since!

To date, I have had a total of 5 Corvettes of my own. I restored a 1960 Roman Red Corvette with dual quads 245hp. After that restoration, I restored a 1965 Goldwood Yellow 396 Big Block convertible. My latest project is a black 1959 dual quad 270 hp, which I am currently restoring at this time. I will always have the memories and passion for the Corvette for as long as I live!! These pictures show my uncle's 1961, taken in the summer of 1963. That's where it all started for me. Thanks, Uncle Norm!

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