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After Two Years of Searching, We Found Our Corvette

Mark Schwanderlik

I got the Corvette bug and decided I should buy one. It was not something that I wanted to rush into and did my research. I looked at numerous cars over about two and a half years and nothing seemed like the one. I knew when I found my car, it would just feel right.

I fell in love with the look of the C5 and decided that was what I wanted. As I looked around, I didn’t have anything specific in mind other than a C5. I continued looking and meeting Corvette owners at various car shows, and I decided on Millennium Yellow. Then I saw a yellow convertible and knew that was the way to go, 6-speed of course. Now that I had a specific car in mind, I set out to find it.

Many nights sitting on the computer searching various websites for the car, I came across the three things in the car I was looking for but the car was located in OHIO (I’m from upstate Illinois). I was all set to make the trip to Ohio, when I came across a 2004 Millennium Yellow Convertible 6-speed at a local Chevrolet Dealer with just 9100 miles on it.

We drove out at the suggestion of my wife and took it for a spin. As I sat in the driver seat before the test drive even started, I knew this was meant to be. With a little working with the dealer over the next 24 hours, it was a done deal and the car was in my garage. Now like a kid in a candy store, I found all kinds of Corvette sites with lots of wonderful stuff. Mid America Motorworks is great and has a variety of items for my new car.

I decided that I wanted to go with the Blackout look all the way around, I had the wheels powder coated black, the interior lights have been changed to LED and an HID low beam and driving light kit has been installed. I have also added some lettering kits in strategic places for a custom look. I am happy with the look for now or at least until I can talk my wife into - oh maybe… a SUPERCHARGER! We will see.

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