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At 10 Years Old I Got the Corvette Fever

Michael Beatt

Hi, My name is Mike and I have a corvette problem. I currently own three corvettes and wife said if I bring another Corvette home she will divorce me, I sure will miss her....LOL. I got the Corvette bug when I was ten years old. I fell in love with the C3 Corvette. 38 years later, I own three.

The first was my 1980 Black with Oyster Interior. It was not very fast, but it was a blast to drive. That car always puts a smile on my face!

Then came the Polo Green with tan interior 1994. Everything on the car was original with only 43,000 miles on her. I am second owner.

The 1985 Corvette came next in red with a gray interior. I am also second owner of this little gem. The 1985 is my daily driver, and she has 275,313 miles on her as of today! To think I am so lucky to be able to say I own three Corvettes. I never thought I could make a statement like that.

I am truly blessed to have two great Daughters, a loving wife that would do anything for me, and a wonderful five-year-old grand daughter. I share my corvette hobby with them all, but my seventeen-year-old daughter is following in my footsteps as a Corvette fanatic! She will get one of the three Corvettes as soon as she graduates high school and has a job to where she can pay for the gas and insurance on one of them.

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