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A Dream Come True

Michael Borowiak

I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember! As a child, I could name any make and model of car that I saw. In 1964, my dad bought me a 1959 red Corvette toy car. My five-year-old self vowed that, "One day I will own a REAL red Corvette!"

Shortly after moving into a new house in April 2001, I saw my neighbor washing his red mint-condition 1997 Corvette. I immediately went over to introduce myself and admire his car. I told him that if he ever decides to sell the Corvette, I would like to be the first one to buy it. Two years later, my heart leapt when my neighbor decided to sell his car.

After speaking with my wife, we decided to buy it. It was a surreal moment! My dream was about to become a reality! My wife planned on paying for the car while I was at work. I drove home ecstatic over the idea of becoming a Corvette owner at long last.

However, my hopes were dashed when my wife informed me that the seller had changed his mind. He couldn't bear to part with the car after all. Crushed, I collapsed on the sofa in despair. Deep down, I had feared this all along. I began muttering about how disappointed I was.

I heard a distant voice saying, "Tell him already! I can't take it!"

I looked down and saw a telephone sitting on the sofa cushion. Not quite comprehending what was going on, I looked at my wife, confused. She laughed and handed me the title to the Corvette. Apparently she had decided to play a joke on me. And her girlfriend heard the entire conversation. Her friend felt so bad after hearing my heart-tugging disappointment that she couldn't contain herself and began shouting into the phone!

I was overjoyed! I really owned a Corvette!

This gem of a car has a mere 22,000 miles on it and was very well maintained. I proudly put the car in shows over the summer. And now when I come home with trophies, the neighbor who originally owned it offers to buy it back from ME.

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