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My Very Own Corvette

Michelle Hines

When my husband and I got married, he had a C3 that was his "baby car." Being a little short, 5'2", the C3 was a little uncomfortable for me to drive. I had to have several pillows behind my back to see over the front hood. Needless to say I did not drive it very much.

As a young growing family, we quickly learned that baby seats and Corvettes do not get along very well. His beloved C3 was sold. I felt so guilty over it and I loved that car as much as he did.

As it was leaving our driveway for the final time, my husband promised me that one day he would buy me my own Corvette.

Fast forward some twenty-five years later, for my birthday 3 years ago, he made good on that promise and bought me a 2001 C5 Convertible. I was in heaven, but shortly afterward I noticed my husband eyeing the car magazines again.

He confessed that he did not enjoy driving my car as much as he thought - I was "girling" it up too much. He didn't like the "Glaslipr" (Glass Slipper) license plate on the car and the Cinderella art motif I put on the hood liner was too much for him.

We ended up with two C5 Corvettes and we are both now searching desperately for his original C-3. We are missing a few numbers to the VIN and DMV/insurance records do not go back into the 1980s anymore so it might be a long search, but in the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying our new "baby cars."

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