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There’s Always Room for One More

Mike Terry

30 years after riding in his cousin Janet’s boyfriend’s 1962 Corvette, Mike Terry purchased his first Corvette. Mike had to smooth things over with his wife, Kathy, because in addition to the 1977 T-top Corvette they had just purchased a larger home.

A few years later, he sold his 1977 for a like-new 1982 Corvette. A year later, he traded it for a 1954 Corvette. Once again, Mike’s wife wasn’t sure that he made the right decision, especially after realizing that the Corvette didn’t even run!

Excitedly, Mike put his heart into his project and chose Mid America Motorworks to help out. He joined the South Central Indiana Corvette Club and 27 months later, showed off his Corvette at the National Corvette Museum. After 9 years and LOTS of awards, he decided to sell his 54 Corvette. Once again, he shocked his wife.

Mike has owned over 25 Corvettes, his wife no longer worries about what he buys or sells, as long as he doesn’t exceed owning 3 Corvettes at a time. Mike continues to believe that there is always room for one more.

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