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Bucket List Item: Check!

Pedro Benson

The Corvette has been my dream car. I don't recall when I saw my first Vette but I can say that I have been a fan since a young age. I am originally from Puerto Rico and from a middle class family, my parents gave me everything in life to be an exemplary adult, but I never thought that coming from these humble beginnings, some day I would call myself a Corvette owner. Last year my wife (bless her heart) told me, "well this year we celebrate 15 years of marriage and you 40 years of life, let's get your Corvette".

Initially I thought, "sure and next week something will come up" but then after seeing her looking online for one I was "ok this is for real!". Well after some discussion I decided to go with a C6, I wanted a C4 preferably 1996 because my favorite always has been the 96 GS, but at the same time I could not afford to have 2 cars and needed one that could double as a daily driver. We went looking for 2 months until one Thursday of May she said, 'ok its time tomorrow we are going to sell your car and Saturday we are getting the Vette. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! Well we got it, the plan was to see around 7 cars between Leesburg, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Tampa and Clearwater - quite of a road trip day. But actually we went with the first stop. It was love at first sight. It is a 2007 in Atomic Orange that looks amazing under the early sun. Chrome rims, 3LT!!! and magnetic ride and upgraded brakes. Awesome!!! And all for less than 20K!! Granted is not new but it is mine!!!!

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