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Long Term Love Affair

Robert Bleckinger

My Corvette story begins as a high school junior in 1963 when the Corvette Sting Ray was introduced. The sexy styling and independent rear suspension did it for me. I said “someday I will have one of those.”

Some day came in the spring of 1966 when I purchased a 1963 Corvette convertible with 340 HP 327 and 4.11 Posi. It was the first of my four mid-years, which included a ’64, a ’67 and another ’63 up until 1973. Then came kids, and a dry spell without Corvettes. I started up again in 1997 with a 1992 coupe. I had that car until I got a new 2001 coupe, a car which I have to this day.

My first “second” Corvette was a 2000, as I needed one to keep in AZ (winter car), and another in MN (summer car). In 2013, I replaced the 2000 with a 2011 Grand Sport coupe, making a total of 8 Corvettes that I've owned over 52 years. They have all been fun to drive, and fast. Several of my Corvettes have made the pilgrimage back to Bowling Green for a plant tour and to see the Museum. Several have made an annual drive to Elkhart Lake WI to watch the factory Corvettes race at Road America. Many have also gone to the Black Hills Classic in South Dakota, and Corvette Funfest in Illinois, Bloomington Gold in Illinois, and in fact my 2001 has been to a total of 18 states.

Owning a Corvette is definitely choosing a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is bound to include adventures. To anyone out there still waiting to make their Corvette dream a reality, I’d say “Just Do It!!” Corvettes can be had at any price point you can afford, and all of them are fun to drive. If you want a Corvettes, there is no good reason to not have one. SAVE THE WAVE!

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