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Corvette Dreams!

Ron Sookdeo

Hello Corvette fans! My story begins in the early 1980s with my love for muscle cars. My late brother, Francis, always had a fast car when I was a kid: 1973 Mach 1 Mustang, 1974 Plymouth Duster, 1981 Turbo Trans Am, etc., but he always wanted a Corvette.

Then he got married, had a kid, a mortgage; you know the rest: the Corvette was just a dream. He had a Corvette speed limit sign in his basement and always said he would get his Corvette one day. Unfortunately that day never came. He passed away at the tender age of 39, back in 2001.

I shared his passion for fast cars, but did not have the money to buy anything more than a 1981 Monza with a 350. I eventually got married myself, had a few kids, mortgage – well you know. A few years ago I got my hands on a 1995 Trans Am, with an LT1 Corvette engine. I loved it, as I figured it was as close as I could get to a Corvette with 4 kids and a wife to tow around.

Then last winter, I came across an ad for an 1987 with low mileage for a steal of a deal. It was a trade in at a local used car dealer. They needed it off their overcrowded lot and I was happy to oblige! I convinced the wife it was worth a look, as the price was too good to be true. Once we got there, I took the car for a ride. OMG, it ran great and left a patch as far as I held the gas! I could not take the smile off my face, and tried my best to hide this from the salesmen.

We struck a deal: I would leave a deposit and he would hold the car until I sold my TA. He also had it safetied for me. It took a mere 2 weeks to sell my car and my Corvette dreams came true! Hope you guys think she’s as nice as I do. And as for my brother’s Corvette speed limit sign, it’s hanging in my garage right beside my Corvette!

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