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Reunited with My Father's Corvette

Scott Bachmann

My dad bought his 1973 orange convertible Corvette in 1975. He passed away working on the car in 1977. Shortly after, my mom sold the car. I always wondered what happened to it. I had kept all the titles showing the VIN and over the years attempted to track the car down. In 2015, I started having really vivid dreams about it. I could see it rolling down what appeared to be the inter-coastal highway. This dream reoccurred for several days. I told my wife I was getting closure after 35 years. I tried all the websites, forums and clubs to no avail.

Finally, I used and there it was! It had just been titled and it was still here in Michigan. I started emailing all the clubs again, asking for help, but nothing came of it. I resorted to hand writing letters to the people last associated with it.

Within a week, the gentleman who owned it responded. When he described the car, I was shocked that it was still running and sounded as though it was still the same. Later that week, we met and the car threw me back to when I was seven years old. Everything on the car was exactly as my dad left it all those years ago. Touching the car filled a void in my life that I had only dreamed about. I asked him what his plans were, he explained he was going to work on it as a project, but hadn't bought any parts yet. He then asked me to make him an offer on it! My childhood dream was right before my eyes, so I made an offer and he accepted saying, "This is your daddy's car, who am I to stand in your way?"

I sobbed all the way home and then again when I drove it home a short time later. So now the slow and arduous task begins to bring it back to my dad's standards!

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