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A Dream That Started in 1953

Steve Barusso

At the young age of sixteen, I was introduced to the 1953 Corvette at the Auto Rama show in Boston. The Corvette caught my eye as it was on the turn style going around for 360 degree viewing. I said to my friend, "That is what I want some day." I could not keep my eye of it for the rest of that show.

Thirty-eight years down the road, I was fifty-five years old with a family of six with the kids pretty much out on their own, except for those expensive weddings to get through. It now is my turn for the big hurrah! I saw a 1980 Corvette for sale in a classified ad. I had to see it! The price was right and I came home with it that day, so excited! Of course, the wife was all for it as she wanted me to get this dream.

I am now at seventy-eight years old and I still have this car. It only has 25,000 miles on it now from the 17,500 miles that were on from the first owner. My wife and I still feel young driving this all-original beauty that was one of the last built in St Louis, Missouri. It turns many heads as it goes by because of its style and condition. I would not trade it for another car only because it took those 38 years to get a car of my dreams.

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