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Wish Long Enough and That Wish Will Come True

Terry Cox

Ever since I was 15 years old, I wanted a Corvette. A set of twin brothers I went to high school with shared a 1963 Corvette Split Windowed Coupe. That was when I started wanting a Corvette. The 1963 is my favorite. As time passed, I could never afford a Corvette because of marriage, military service, college expenses and family. But it was still my wish to own a corvette one day. As my wife and I traveled on the streets and highways, I could spot one approaching in front of me or coming up behind me through the rear view mirror. I would always make some kind of comment about the car and wanting to own one someday. Finally in 1998, I found a basic 1989 Corvette Coupe while surfing the Internet that was for sale by an individual. My wife encouraged me to check into buying it (she was tired of my dreaming of owning one). The car was in great shape, had only 48,000 miles on it, and the owner was asking a reasonable price for it. It is red on red, automatic transmission, powered by a 350 motor, and has a targa top. I have personalized it some by placing some chrome parts on the motor, chrome Z01 wheels, chrome exhaust tips, place wood grain on the dash and console, pinstriped the car, etc. Over the years, I have won many trophies at local area car shows. I am the third owner and it has been in my possession for 18 years. I have a copy of the window sticker and build sheet thanks to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. The car was sold from a dealership in Dallas, GA and later traded to a dealership in Atlanta. I bought it from the owner, in Birmingham, AL, and it now resides in Mississippi. It has always been a Southern car, never traveled on salted highways. During the time my daughter attended college, she drove my Jeep and I used the Corvette as a daily driver. Driving the Dragon Tail is on my bucket list to accomplish in the future. I plan on passing it down to my granddaughter someday. But for now, this 66-year-old man will continue to "Get My Kicks on Route 66" and see the "USA in a Chevrolet".

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