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From Toy To Reality

Tom Bello

In 1968 when I was 7 years old, I got a HO race car set for Christmas. The two cars that came with the set were a Jaguar and a Mid Year Corvette. Since then, I always thought that was what a Corvette should look like. Through the years and the body style changes, the Mid Years have always been my favorite.

Fast forward 28 years to when my dream finally came true. At 35 years old, I bought a 1978 Corvette and I joined the Richmond County Corvette Club on Staten Island. Two years later, I was lucky enough to buy my 1967 coupe. She has Sidepipes, 4 speed manual transmission and factory air. She is white with a Red stinger hood. I have had her for 17 years, going to cruise nights and shows. I’m living a dream!

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