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In Search of My 1965 Convertible

Tony Rogers

I developed an appetite for Corvettes around 1968. Around 1970, I was able to muster enough credit to buy my first dream car, a 1965 convertible red/red with both tops. Specs were original numbered 327, 4 speed, manual windows, plain Jane heater, no A/C or power steering. After acquiring it, I had it painted blue, because I felt that red corvettes were too dominant and trite. I also changed the interior color to black.

I loved the car, but had to part with it around 1972, because I couldn't keep up the payments. What a mistake that was! I sold my C2 to a very nice gentleman in the Farmington/Bristol, Connecticut area. At that point, I lost contact with it. Although I have searched my old archived records, I have never been able to retrieve the VIN for my car.

One of the reasons I'm telling my story, is that I still hope to locate the car, and - who knows - possibly repurchase it. Moreover, I hope my story will be of interest to my many great Corvette colleagues in this community. I live in Tolland, CT , at the same address to this day. If anyone has any clues as to the whereabouts of my C2, please feel free to get in touch with me at any time at (860) 872-6251 or

Note: image uploaded is of a similar car, as I do not have ant photos of my own. Keep on rollin', my friends.

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