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  • 1969 Corvette One Owner

    Greg Waltz

    It has spent 6 1/2 years in Germany, 4 years in Kansas, 2 years in Georgia and the rest of the time in Alabama.

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  • Bucket List Item: Check!

    Pedro Benson

    I never thought that coming from these humble beginnings, some day I would call myself a Corvette owner.

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  • Corvettes Owned 1967 to 2018

    Robert Rutkowski

    When I got out of Air Force active duty in 1966, I bought my first Vette, a 1967 Lyndale Blue roadster with the 327/350.

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  • Then, Now, and Probably Forever

    Gil Lambert

    I bought a 56 Corvette, Painted it Blue with gold metal-flake blown in, Black with gold metal-flake coves and a white convertible top.

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  • Living the Corvette Dream

    Darryl Loafman

    My wife Brenda and I have owned the "Black Shark" for almost 17 years.

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  • Long Term Love Affair

    Robert Bleckinger

    Owning a Corvette is definitely choosing a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is bound to include adventures.

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  • Love at First Sight

    Roland Konter

    I have owned the car through times when money was hard to find, marriage, two kids, college for both, and still have the car today.

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  • My 69 Corvette Customized in 1972! I Still Drive it Today!

    Kevin Livering

    This car has been a “survivor”of the wild 70’s custom era.

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